October 27, 2017

Use Our App - Grow Your Business


Smartphones have changed so many things in our lives! The way people communicate, the way they make plans, and the way they shop has all changed dramatically.

Many people, especially young people, have gotten used to being able to order what they want when they want it. They love the convenience of using apps on their devices. They have no patience any more for calling up a company and being put on hold and waiting. They want instant gratification.

It started with ordering food deliveries, then expanded into getting rides from companies like Uber. Now people want to be able to take care of all their needs through their apps.

That means if you have a house cleaning services business and you don't have an app that customers can use to set appointments with your cleaners, you are missing out.

For a small home cleaning company, though, designing and launching an app isn't practical because creating a good app takes a great deal of money and time.

That's a problem. But there is a solution!

Getting Access to Customers Through a Mobile App Without Having to Create the App Yourself

Many owners of small cleaning businesses think that the new technology of mobile apps is out of their reach. They don't have the time or resources to take on the complex project of designing and launching an app that will bring customers to their businesses.

The good news is that you don't have to create an app yourself in order to reach app-using customers. This is where Joyclean comes in. We have a fantastic app that connects people in New York City who need their homes cleaned with the individuals and companies who want to provide house cleaning services for them.

We invite you to become a Joyclean partner! The next time someone in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens uses our popular app to find house cleaning services, we can connect you with them if you have a maid or cleaner near them who is available during the hours and days the customer has chosen.

It couldn't be simpler!

Connect with more residential customers! Get the Joyclean app now!

Upgrade Your Technology Instantly

Until you try Joyclean, you won't believe how easy it is. You just need to sign up and you will have new customers seeking you out. It's almost like magic.

It won't cost you a thing to register your cleaning business at Joyclean. So give it a try!

Here at Joyclean we are thrilled to be able to offer the latest cutting-edge technology to small housekeeping companies. We are instantly transforming the business of small companies, giving them access to the technology revolution that makes it so much easier and more efficient to find new customers.

Try something new! You have nothing to lose, and many new happy customers to gain!

Leave the Details to Us

As a small business owner, you would love to be able to spend more of your time and energy doing what matters most – making your business succeed and grow. Administrative tasks, though, can eat up many hours of your precious time.

Joyclean is the answer! Technology has done more than revolutionize the way that businesses can get new customers. It has also automated many tasks that used to take up so much time in a small-business owner's day.

When you sign up as a Joyclean business user, many of the time-consuming tasks that you are doing will be automated. You won't have to talk to customers to schedule house cleaning appointments because the customers set the appointments themselves using the app. You won't have to deal with all the paperwork involved in billing because that too will be automated.

All you have to do is send our your cleaners and keep them well equipped with cleaning supplies. We take care of everything else.

Let our technology free you from these daily chores so that you can use your time and energy where it will do your business the most good – helping your business grow!

Join us! Grow your business! Download the app now!

Joyclean is the Solution to the Problem of Growing Your Business

You don't want to be left behind. Technology is changing the way that customers find and order house cleaning services. If you don't get on board, you will miss out on the chance to attract and retain many new customers.

Trying to keep up with the latest technology, when you are already busy running your company, may seem like a difficult problem. But there is an easy solution. Instead of trying to create your own app, use the simple, beautiful, and powerful Joyclean app.

A lot of thought went into designing the Joyclean app to make it as intuitive as possible. Our customers love to use it because of the way the app simplifies their lives. It makes it easy for them to order the house cleaning services they need. Any time they have a spare moment – while waiting on line, or sitting in a subway station, or any other time, 24/7 – they can pull up the Joyclean app and get connected with home cleaning services like yours.

Our customers keep on using the Joyclean app time after time. They appreciate how simple it is for them – just three quick steps, and they are done.

Joyclean brings the customers to you. You don't have to chase after them. You don't have to try to reach them with advertising, which people just tune out anyway these days. The beauty of the Joyclean app system is that the people who use it already want your services. You don't have to convince them of anything!

Joyclean customers want exactly the kind of house cleaning services you offer. And you want their business. It's just a question of matching you up with the customers near you who fit into your schedule. Using the technology of the Joyclean app makes that incredibly easy.

All those new customers means new profits for your business. Imagine what you could do if you had a steady stream of new customers, and you didn't have to spend any time to get them! It's a whole new way of doing business.

Start earning today! Promote your business the high-tech way! Get the Joyclean app!

How Joyclean Works

It all starts with a residential customer who lives in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens. The customer is thinking, “I want to get cleaning services near me.” In the old days, the customer had to thumb through the Yellow Pages, or try to ask around in the neighborhood, or hope to remember the name of a company they saw in an ad on TV the week before. None of those methods worked very well.

Today, the customer just opens their Joyclean app, then taps a few buttons to indicate what level of service they want and when they want it. The technology then automatically finds them cleaners like those in your company who are near the customer's home.

People who use Joyclean become addicted to the service because it is so easy and so user-friendly. They love the instant gratification of being able to take care of their housekeeping needs during any spare moment of the day or night.

That's great news for you. The more people love to use Joyclean, the more they will keep on using it and the more they will recommend it to their friends. They especially love to talk about their experiences online, and will write about Joyclean and about your services on Facebook, Google+, and Yelp.

These online reviews are incredibly powerful. Some people won't do anything without checking it out on Yelp first. These reviews can reach hundreds, thousands, or many thousands of people. It's like getting free advertising for your business that is better than the kind you had to pay for.

With all these happy customers and with all the buzz created on Yelp and other social media sites, there are always lots of new people joining the loyal customers on the Joyclean system – all of them looking for the house cleaning services that you provide!

Customers Trust Joyclean

When people are ordering house cleaning services, it is important to them that they trust the businesses and people who are coming into their homes. Joyclean works hard to earn their trust in several ways.

One way we do this is by giving customers the opportunity to chat with their cleaners before the time of their cleaning appointments. We make it easy for the customers by letting them chat right inside the app. This is great for your house cleaning services business because it provides an easy way for your cleaners to establish a personal connection with new customers who might otherwise hesitate to order services from someone they didn't know.

This makes our customers feel comfortable trying out a housekeeping service that is new to them. It also helps your cleaners do a better job by finding out in advance if the customer has any special requirements, making it more likely your company will be requested again in the future.

Get Ready to Meet Your New Customers!

This is an exciting time to run a small business. Technology has given small businesses the power to attract customers in a way that no one dreamed would be possible in the recent past. Imagine new customers setting up appointments with your cleaners without your having to lift a finger. Imagine these customers spreading the word on Yelp about what a great job you do! It's a whole new way of doing business. We're excited to be able to bring this new opportunity to small house cleaning services businesses to revolutionize the way they get customers with our cutting-edge technology.

Connect with more residential customers. Get the Joyclean app now!

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