October 27, 2017

We Help Them Find You!


Small cleaning companies need a constant supply of new customers. Until now, trying to find and attract those new customers ate up a lot of your precious time and money. Here at Joyclean, we are changing all that.  We use cutting-edge technology to connect you with the people in your area who need your house cleaning services.

Don't Miss Out on This Powerful New Way to Get Customers

We created an app that people can use on their smartphones, tablets, and computers to set appointments for home cleaning services. The app takes care of everything automatically, including scheduling and payment. You can sign up to be a Joyclean business user for free and start enjoying all the benefits of the Joyclean app right away.

After you sign up, the next time a residential customer opens the app and tells the app, using a few quick taps, how many hours of maid service they want, and when and where they want it, you might have a new customer.  The app will match you up if you are near the customer's home and available at the customer's preferred times.  It uses the power of technology to make automatic matches. Think of it like a dating site, except instead of looking for love, our customers are looking for the joy of having a clean home.

And they are looking for someone like you to provide it.

But they can only find you if you are registered on the Joyclean app.  Don't miss out on any more new business!  Don't let your potential new customers be connected with another cleaning company for a job that you could have done if only you were in our system!  Download the Joyclean app and sign up today!

Technology Made Affordable

Many people love using apps to order services. Apps save them time and are available in their pockets at any hour of the day or night, which is an especially attractive feature for busy New Yorkers. 

If you run a small cleaning company, you can't afford to miss this chance to reach new customers through the electronic devices they love to use.

Trying to design your own app would be way too expensive and would take too much time and energy away from your core business. At Joyclean, we are excited to open our app to small cleaning companies like yours to give you the opportunity to become a part of the app revolution in an easy, affordable way.

Download the Joyclean app and start earning today!

Instant Upgrade

As soon as you download the app and register, you can be matched with customers near you.  It's so simple!  You will have an instant upgrade of your technology to the most cutting-edge app available. 

The next time a customer wonders "Where can I find cleaning services near me?" the cleaning pros they find could be from your company.

You will love these technologically sophisticated customers who use the Joyclean app. Not only will they order your services for themselves, but they can also send many other new customers your way. They love to share information and opinions online, and they often post reviews on Yelp and other social media sites. When your cleaners do a great job for them, the whole world can hear about it.

The world is changing so quickly.  Just a few years ago, few people dreamed we would have so much power available in devices small enough to slip into our pockets. Joyclean lets you tap into the power of the app revolution. We give you access to the latest technology, and all you have to do is download the app and register.

You get to do what you do best -- provide your excellent housekeeping services. Just send our your cleaners, equipped with quality cleaning supplies. We handle the rest! Scheduling and payments are all handled automatically.

Download the app and give us a try!   You will get more business, while having fewer hassles -- all because of the power of technology. Come join us today!

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